Tools for your development

Resources for self-directed learning

To support agencies to access the types of resources that can build Māori Crown relations capability, we have developed this page to share some opportunities for self-directed learning for core competency areas. Lots of resources are available, such as links to websites, books, videos, documents and so on.

More resources will be added to these kete.

Te reo Māori

Resources to learn, apply and practice te reo Māori.

This is language learning and every individual has to identify the best ways that help them to learn.

Aotearoa New Zealand history and Te Tiriti o Waitangi/Treaty of Waitangi

To move from ‘unfamiliar’ to ‘comfortable’ within the Aotearoa New Zealand history and the Treaty of Waitangi competency area, the Māori Crown relations capability framework [PDF, 326 KB] presents several possibilities:

  • Learn about Aotearoa New Zealand history from Māori and tauiwi perspectives, the Treaty of Waitangi and the history of the Māori Crown relationship
  • Research a topic in Aotearoa New Zealand history and present its impact
  • Read key sources on Aotearoa New Zealand history
  • Reflect on the impacts of colonisation at individual and group levels.

Each source listed below relates to one or several of these areas. They have been selected because they are:

  • widely available and/or free to access
  • present reliable content in a manner that is accessible to a general audience
  • together comprise a variety of perspectives about te Tiriti/Treaty from diverse media.