Public Sector Capability

The Māori Crown Relations Capability Framework (the MCR Framework) is intended to provide a more coordinated approach to capability building across the public service. The MCR Framework is split into three parts: the two capability components and the survey.

Māori Crown relations framework guide

The MCR Framework guide sets out the reasons for building capability and the MCR Framework’s construction, as well as some advice on training and methods of learning.

Māori Crown relations framework guide [PDF, 228 KB]


Māori Crown relations capability components

The two MCR Framework capability components are an organisational and an individual component. These components demonstrate how the framework is intended to be applied, the areas and levels of capability and, ideas for initiatives to increase capability.

Individual capability component

Details 6 focus areas and 5 specialist competencies to support public servants to develop their Māori Crown relations capability.

Individual capability component [PDF, 417 KB]


Organisational capability component

Details six organisational capability areas, such as governance, relationships with Māori and workforce capability.

Organisational capability component [PDF, 290 KB]


Māori Crown relations survey

A survey to accompany the MCR Framework has been developed to measure staff confidence in Māori Crown relations skills within an organisation. Agencies can identify areas of high confidence or low confidence within their organisation and this information can be used to build a capability plan. This is a high level survey and can be adapted to suit an agency’s requirements. We would welcome agencies sharing their anonymised results with us.

 Māori Crown relations survey [PDF, 216 KB]